Best Leftover Ground Beef Recipes

If you are looking for leftover ground beef recipes, you’re in luck!

Ground beef is a great way to add protein and flavor to a dish.

However, sometimes there is just too much minced meat leftover, and it can be difficult to know what to do with it.

These low carb and keto ground beef recipes are perfect for easy weeknight dinners or meal prep.

So if you want to know what can be made from ground beef here are some keto recipes that will help you use up that leftover ground meat.

21 Low Carb Recipes with Leftover Ground Beef

Leftover ground beef recipes, featuring a low carb chili con carne.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Leftover Ground Beef

I have gathered the most asked questions about what to do with leftover ground beef and answered them here.

What can I make from left over ground beef?

If you are wondering what can you do with old ground beef there are a lot of things that can be made from ground beef including the following:

– Burritos

– Chili

– Sloppy joes

– Meatballs

– Hamburgers

Check out this list of 21 recipes that use ground beef as the main ingredient.

How long does leftover ground beef last in the fridge?

Cooked ground beef will last in the fridge for 3-4 days or in the freezer for 2-3 months. Make sure to store the cooked ground beef in an airtight container and label it with the date it was cooked.

Keto Ground Beef Enchiladas without Tortillas

Closeup of a servings of Keto Ground Beef Enchiladas with egg wraps served on a blue plate.

A delicious Keto Ground Beef Enchiladas without Tortillas recipe that is low carb, gluten free, Whole-30, Paleo and easy to make.

Mexican enchiladas without all the carbs? Yes please!

This low carb egg wrap ground beef enchiladas are not only low carb but also gluten free. 

Keto Shepherd’s Pie With Cauliflower

Homemade keto Shepherd's Pie with Cauliflower on a green baking dish set on a table.

Shepherd’s Pies are delicious meat and vegetable pies with a creamy mashed potato topping.

This keto shepherd’s Pie with cauliflower is an excellent low-carb alternative to the classic dish, made with a flavorful meat and vegetable filling and topped with cheesy mashed cauliflower.

This easy recipe is sure to become a family favorite!

Slow Cooker Zoodles With Ground Meat Sauce

Side view of a Slow cooker noodles with meat sauce and shaved parmesan on a white plate on a white background.

This slow cooker zoodles with meat sauce is a low carb, paleo recipe that can be made with out any fuss. 

Zucchini noodles are blazed with a rich beefy sauce for the ultimate comforting meal.

A keto-friendly, paleo and whole30 dinner ready for the entire family, a great ground beef recipe without pasta.

All you need is a slow cooker, an instant pot or stove top pan to get this dinner on the table!

Crockpot Low Carb Sloppy Joes

Aerial view Crockpot low carb sloppy joes meat in a white bowl.

This Crockpot Low Carb Sloppy Joes are packed with flavor and perfect for a low carb diet.

It can be made any season since the crockpot does all the work.

This is the best low carb meal idea ever!

The combination of ground beef, green bell pepper and onion makes a classic meat sauce that is delicious and satisfying.

The addition of tomato paste and seasonings give these sloppy joes a flavor that is out of this world!

Keto Leftover Ground Beef Enchiladas

A black plate with keto ground beef enchiladas.

This Keto ground beef enchiladas recipe is easy and delicious.

It’s the perfect low carb weeknight meal. Mexican food without all the carbs? Yes, please!

I have made a version of ground beef enchiladas without tortillas that is delicious and taste just as good as the classic Mexican enchiladas.

This low carb ground beef enchiladas recipe is gluten free, Whole-30 and Paleo.

Keto Shepherd’s Pie Without Cauliflower

Closeup view of a plate with Keto Shepherd's Pie Without Cauliflower also known as cottage pie.

This keto shepherd’s Pie without cauliflower is a low carb version of the classic dish, made with a delicious meat and vegetable filling, and topped with cheesy mashed potatoes.

This easy recipe is sure to become a family favorite!

The perfect one pot meal, keto shepherd’s pie is hearty and filling, and can easily be  made ahead of time.

You can even freeze it for those busy weeknights!

Low Carb Cauliflower and Ground Beef Hash

This cauliflower and ground beef hash will be your favorite go-to low carb dinner.

This dish is full of flavor, and the perfect comfort food.

It’s easy to make, and can be made ahead of time, cheesy and ready for the dinner table in about 20 minutes!

Keto Big Mac Bites

These Low Carb Big Mac Bites are a keto recipe for mini bun-less burgers that make a great low carb appetizer or game day food that everyone will love!

With all the flavors of a Big Mac, these little burgers are sure to be a hit!

They are also gluten free and can be made ahead of time. So whether you are looking for a low carb appetizer or an easy game day recipe, these Big Mac Bites are sure to please!

Low Carb Cabbage Roll Casserole Recipe

This Low Carb Cabbage Roll Casserole Recipe is a great way to start the New Year off right.

It’s a delicious, hearty and healthy meal that is perfect for any night of the week.

A quick, easy dinner that is nutritious and low carb as well!

So if you are looking for a delicious and healthy meal to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions, this Low Carb Cabbage Roll Casserole Recipe is the perfect choice!

Low Carb Mini Bell Pepper Nachos Recipe

Low carb mini bell pepper nachos are a healthy snack that easily fit into your healthy meal planning and also make a great gluten free snack or lunch.

Packed with protein and fiber, these keto nachos will help keep you satisfied and are perfect for on the go!

I love that they are so easy to make ahead of time and can be stored in the fridge for when hunger strikes.

Easy Keto Beef & Broccoli

This easy keto beef and broccoli recipe is not only delicious but you can make it in 15 minutes!

The perfect leftover cooked minced beef recipe.

Just add some cauliflower rice and you have a great low carb meal with only 5.1g net carbs per serving.

Low Carb Beef Burrito Bowls with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

These beef burrito bowls are made with cauliflower rice instead of regular rice, so they’re lower carb!

The beef is seasoned to perfection with Mexican spices, and the bowls are topped with guacamole, shredded cheddar, Greek yogurt, and cilantro!

Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Cilantro Lime Shrimp

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Zucchini Boats are quick, easy, tangy, bright, refreshing, guilt-free, low-carb, and a healthier dinner the whole family will love!

These healthy leftover ground beef zucchini boats make a light and healthy main dish, or an appetizer for parties!

You can even meal prep them ahead of time for an easy and healthy lunch or dinner during the week!

Low Carb Bolognese Sauce With Leftover Ground Beef

This low carb Bolognese sauce is the perfect way to use up leftover ground beef!

It’s a quick and easy recipe that can be made in just 30 minutes, and it’s packed with flavor.

Serve it over zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice for a delicious and healthy meal.

Cheesy Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe

This Low Carb Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make, tastes fantastic and is Keto friendly.

It’s a delicious and healthy lazy keto meal that the whole family will love!

So if you are looking for an easy and delicious low carb recipe, this Cheesy Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe is the perfect choice!

Keto Meatballs Without Breadcrumbs

Here’s the recipe for my family’s favorite keto meatballs made gluten-free without breadcrumbs.

They’re juicy and delicious, and completely low-carb.

These keto meatballs are easy enough to make for a quick keto dinner recipe.

Ground Beef and Cauliflower Rice Casserole

Ground Beef and Cauliflower Rice Casserole is an easy and satisfying dinner idea!

A comfort food classic, this casserole is made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry and fridge.

This is a low carb and Keto meal the whole family will love.

Keto Lasagna Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers with ground beef, tomato sauce, ricotta & mozzarella cheese.

A delicious, low carb & gluten free dinner idea the whole family will love!

This easy low carb meal tastes just as good as the classic lasagna!

Make ahead or freeze.

Keto Sheet Pan Burgers with Bacon & Jalapeño

You’ll want these easy and delicious Keto Sheet Pan Burgers to go into the regular rotation!

These leftover cooked hamburger patties are topped with bacon, jalapeño, and cheese, then baked on a sheet pan until crispy.

Leftover ground beef is a staple in our house because it’s so versatile and can be used in so many different recipes.

Keto Low Carb Beef Chili – Instant Pot or Crock Pot Recipe

An easy keto low carb beef chili made in the Instant Pot pressure cooker or slow cooker.

The perfect healthy leftover recipe to use your frozen leftover ground beef!

This no bean chili is rich and full of delicious flavor.

Cheesy Keto Meatball Casserole

This Cheesy Keto Meatball Casserole is delicious and super filling with homemade meatballs topped with creamy ricotta cheese, mozzarella and parmesan for the perfect low carb meal your whole family will enjoy!

21 Keto Leftover Ground Beef Recipes

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Don’t Forget To Save These Leftover Ground Beef Recipes

Leftover ground beef recipes, featuring a low carb chili con carne.

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